All sharpening is done by hand on a 3 head Blade Master machine.
The cross grinding wheel is only used to remove severe nicks or to remove the bump that develops behind the lower pick after a number of sharpenings. Small nicks are not ground out. Once the blade is sharpened and side honed, a small nick is simply a very small void in the edge which doesn't affect performance. Removing small nicks completely could grind away as much metal as 2 or 3 sharpenings. Great care is taken to remove only as much metal as needed. Of course, you can request that all traces of nicks be ground out.
You can specify the hollow you want or the current hollow can be matched. The height of the edges is checked with a specially designed dial indicator capable of measuring edge height to within .0001". You can be sure that your edges are perfectly even.
After sharpening, the blades are side honed to remove the wire edge created by the sharpening process. The hollow is then polished with a rubber abrasive stone. This also softens the edges to get rid of that "just sharpened" feel.
The last step is to check and tighten the screws.
Standard Parallel Sided Blades: $20
Side Honed, Parabolic, aluminum mounted,
and titanium inserted blades: $30
Most blades fall in this category.
Usually very high end competition blades like:
Gold Seals, Gold Stars, Phantoms, Matrix and Paramount.
Note:This degree of accuracy
can not be guaranteed on "cheap" blades.