blades will most likely change as the boots break in. Only after you are satisfied with the balance and feel of the blades will I install additional screws and "lock down" the blades. If other screws were previously
installed I will fill and seal the unused holes.
Blade setting: starting at $25
Blade setting is a process which positions the blade on the bottom of the
boot at a balance point for the individual skater. Improper setting can severly
affect the quality of edge. You don't just screw on the blades.
When the blade is first mounted screws should only be placed in the slotted holes. This will allow the blades to be shifted as needed.
All skaters are different. Their bodies and posture are different. Some
blades will need to be set more to the inside, some more to the outside.
Blade setting can be a lengthy process, taking as long as a few
weeks. I watch you skate and have you do certain moves which
will show if your setting is balanced or not. I will make adjustments as needed and have you skate for a few sessions to see if you like the feel. If the boots are new, your feel for your
(Price based on rink time, 1 or 2 blades moved, and hole plugging needed)
Blade Setting
(from test mounting)